DS welcomes the Secretariat of World Dongguan Businessmen Federation to visit

DS welcomes the Secretariat of World Dongguan Businessmen Federation to visit!

On September 7, 2023, the secretariat of Dongguan World Dongguan Business Federation visited DS Dongshang Songshan Lake R&D Center. Liao Yuanke, deputy general manager, received and had an in-depth exchange with them, and jointly discussed market trends, industry trends and cooperation opportunities between the two sides. We appreciate the strong advantages of the Federation in resource integration and marketing, and also feel the support and care of the federation for the development of enterprises.
During this visit, we had the opportunity to show our product line, production process and our efforts and achievements in sustainable development to the Dongguan World Federation of Dongguan Merchants.

Since its establishment, DS Dongshang has always adhered to the "customer-centric" business philosophy, guided by science and technology, sought survival by quality, and promoted development by innovation. With superb technology, quality products and first-class service, DS Dongshang has won the trust and support of many customers in the wood products industry at home and abroad.

As a member of Dongguan World Dongguan Business Federation, we have the opportunity to interact and cooperate with other excellent enterprises, which brings infinite possibilities for our business expansion. The alliance will provide us with resources, collaboration opportunities and industry insights to help us further optimize our products and services and enhance our competitiveness.

We are full of confidence in the cooperation with Dongguan World Dongguan Merchants Federation, and believe that through the efforts of both sides, we will be able to jointly open up new markets and expand a broader business field. We will work with the federation to explore new cooperation trends and jointly enhance the innovation capacity and competitiveness of the industry.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank the Dongguan World Dongguan Businessmen Federation for their appreciation and support of our company. We will work closely together to pursue excellence and achieve greater success in the market competition!

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