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How to Use and Maintain Humidor in a Simple way?

How to Use and Maintain Humidor in a Simple way?

A wooden humidor will absorb moisture from your cigar, which will dry out and harden. This problem can be avoided by re-humidifying the humidor before the first use.

When many people get a new humidor, they can't wait to put the cigar in the humidor. But be aware that if you leave a cigar in the humidor without re-humidifying, the cigar will break. why? Spanish cedar wood is dehydrated in a drying oven, so it is impossible to reach a moisture balance of 70 F/72° humidity. A wooden humidor will absorb moisture from your cigar, which will dry out and harden. This problem can be avoided by re-humidifying the humidor before the first use.

The steps are simple as follows:

1. Place a shot glass or other humidifying device filled with distilled water on the bottom of the humidor.
2. Fill the humidifier and place it in the humidor.
3. Place your hygrometer with scale in the humidor.
4. Close the lid.
5. Check the hygrometer daily when the humidity is between 68° and 72°. The wooden humidor will remain stable. Note: Do not rub the inside of your humidor with water as this will corrode the wood.

Most cigar smokers mistakenly believe that a humidor will break if it is not kept at 70° humidity. The humidity range for safe storage of cigars is from 66% to 79%. In fact, some people think that the ideal humidity for smoking is 80°, and the ideal humidity for storage is 70° (obviously, different humidors should be used for different purposes.) As long as the humidity of the humidor falls within this range it is safe. Some people prefer relatively moist cigars, while others prefer relatively dry cigars. You will quickly learn the appropriate humidity range for storing cigars, and store cigars in an environment within that humidity range.
It doesn't matter where the hygrometer is placed, as long as you know where it is placed. It is best to have air flow around the hygrometer to ensure correct conclusions are drawn. Placing a hygrometer or similar on the lid of the humidor is the best approach

A humidifier is what maintains the humidity in your humidor. The steps are simple as follows:
1. Remove the humidifier from the humidor.
2. Use a humidification scheme (distilled water and propylene glycol) or just distilled water and spray it in and out through the grate into the humidifier.
3. Do not fill the humidifier with too much water to avoid soaking.
4. Use a cloth to wipe away any spilled liquid outside the humidifier.
5. Put the humidifier back in the humidor.

If you look at the hygrometer, the cigar is a little dry. Add distilled water to oasis (a brand of humidifier) ​​and adjust the mixture of propylene glycol/cigar box solvent and distilled water as required. Humidity changes constantly in different locations in your home and at different times of the year, and it may take you a lot of experimentation to find the best combination. A good rule of thumb is that distilled water adds moisture and solvents reduce moisture.

Caring for your cigars

Havana cigars are like fine wines that age, and in fact they will continue to taste better for the first 15 years, but cigars do require a little more ordinary care. A humidifier mixed with distilled water and polyethylene glycol should be placed in the humidor to ensure that the relative humidity of the humidor is maintained at 70° (+/- 2%).

Store the humidor in a place where the temperature never exceeds 70°F. Keep the temperature between 68°F and 72°F, ideal relative humidity is 68-72°. Once you add water to the humidifier, you should be able to use the humidor right away, no need to wait days to test the condition of the cigars. If the cigar is in good condition, squeeze the handle of the cigar with your thumb, it should feel firm and elastic; if it feels dry, hard and brittle, it may be not humidified enough; if it feels soft and sponge-like, it may be Humidification is too heavy.

Sometimes you may find something that looks like a white moldy 'flower' on the cigarette paper on your cigar. This can be caused by excess humidity, but there is no need to worry as it will not affect the taste of the cigar. The best way to remove the 'flower' is to brush it off with a soft bristle brush. (Badger hair brushes are more ideal).
Havana cigars need fresh air! Make sure to open your humidor regularly and be sure to flip the cigar bars. For example, if you smoke infrequently, tip the humidor on the bottom to the top of the humidor and the humidor on the top to the bottom of the humidor every weekend.

Avoid storing other items such as lighters, scissors, etc. in the cigar storage area of ​​the humidor.
With proper care and attention, a humidor will provide years of care for your cigars. Here are some things to watch out for:

1. Do not place the humidor in a place where it is easy to be knocked over.
2. Do not store the humidor in direct sunlight, which may cause the wood humidor to lose its moisturizing function and heat the interior of the humidor beyond safe limits.
3. Do not put other objects on the humidor.
4. Always use a soft cloth to clean the humidor.
5. Polished or beeswaxed humidor to facilitate cleaning or polishing of the humidor.
6. Regular dusting will keep the humidor looking like new forever.
7. Do not rub the inside of your humidor with water or any other liquid, which will dehumidify the wood.

If you have any other good proposals regarding humidors usage and maintenance, please share with us.

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