Cooperation between Premium Wooden Tea Box Exporter D&S & Dongguan University of Technology

The Premium Wooden Tea Box Exporter works with campuses

Through this school-enterprise activity, college students have moved from books to reality. The combination of theory and practice has provided rich practical education for college students who are about to enter the society.

On the morning of September 15, Liao Yuanke, deputy general manager of the company, and Zhou Pinxi, manager of the R&D department, participated in the school-enterprise activity. Before the event, they made full preparations, selected representative products, prepared courseware, and brought the company's latest product catalog.
In the class, The Premium Wooden Tea Box Exporter two representatives of the company taught with modesty, and made the boringwood products vivid and interesting. They taught students how to design wooden products according to acutal function and aesthetics. Students focused and listened carefully for fear of missing a single detail. During the communication session, the students spoke freely, one question after another, and the scene was very active.

After half day of study, the students benefited a lot. More importantly, they know what is the soul of design, and what is the starting point? What is the final destination? These experiences will be valuable assets for students, laying a solid foundation for future employment. In the future, we will regularly carry out school-enterprise cooperation to contribute to the cultivation of outstanding talents for the society.

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