Warmly welcome Hongtu family to visit DS Dongshang

Warmly welcome Hongtu family to visit DS Dongshang!

Warmly welcome Hongtu family to visit DS Dongshang!
On July 10, 2023, Mr. Hong, together with Yin Shuping, president of Hongtu Dongguan Branch, and nearly 20 Hongtu family members, visited Dongguan Dongshang Wood Co., LTD., one of the three manufacturing bases of DS Dongshang, R&D center Guangdong Dongshang Product Technology Co., LTD., financial investment company Dongshang Zhongtian Huifu, Dongguan Dongshang Yuhao Catering Management Co., LTD. Digital entrepreneurs have a detailed understanding of DS Dongshang's whole industrial chain scale and in-depth exchanges.

After watching the company's promotional video and listening to the company's introduction, Hongtu entrepreneur friends, accompanied by Huang Develope, chairman of DS Dongshang, visited DS Dongshang's product exhibition hall and office environment, etc., and had a more comprehensive understanding of our company's development history and core products.

Subsequently, the entrepreneurs moved to Guangdong Dongshang Product Technology Co., LTD., accompanied by Liao Yuanke, deputy general manager of DS Dongshang.

Hongtu family members visited Dongshang Zhongtian Huifu for in-depth exchange of financial investment, to understand the layout and investment logic of Dongshang Zhongtian Huifu in the education industry and high-tech industry. Huang Developa, chairman of DS Dongshang, gave a detailed introduction of Zhongtian Huifu's four business segments in the education industry, namely research, investment, investment banking and value-added services, and in-depth explanation of the five dimensions of selecting projects in the high-tech field.

Dongshang Zhongtian Huifu staff led Hongtu family to learn about high-tech industry, grasp industry trends, and explore the next investment outlet.

Thank you for the arrival of elite entrepreneurs, a high-energy people's interaction and learning, to DS Dongshang brings invisible energy. Finally, we welcome people from all walks of life to visit DS Dongshang, visit and guide, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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